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Tuesday, July 07, 2015
Saskatchewan is home to world-renowned performers, writers and artists who use our province's diverse landscape and friendly people as their inspiration.
Always at the forefront of programs and public policy in the area of health care, our province is known as the birthplace of medicare, and a province that cares for its residents. 

Individuals and families from every corner of the globe are moving to Saskatchewan and calling our province home. 

With recreational activities and facilities for everyone, Saskatchewan's provincial parks are calling! 

From recreational leagues to professional teams, Saskatchewan residents enjoy a competitive - but friendly - spirit in their leisure activities. 

The Aboriginal peoples of Saskatchewan have inhabited this region for approximately 11,000 years, during which time they established self-sustaining societies. 

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Information in this section was provided by the Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan.  For more information on Saskatchewan, including 2,200 individual entries, 21 in-depth essays and over 1,000 maps, charts and photographs, please visit their website. 

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