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Aboriginal Business Directory
This directory provides Saskatchewan Aboriginal suppliers with the opportunity to market their products and services in order to build prosperous business relationships.

Agri-Value Initiative (SAVI)
SAVI provides information services, business assessment tools, and financial assistance in key business management areas to help value-added businesses make sound business decisions and capture market opportunities.

Agriculture Development Fund
Provides funding for agriculture and agri-food research and development.

BizPaL - Business Permits and Licences
Easy and convenient, BizPaL is an online service that provides Canadian businesses with one-stop access to permit and licence information for all levels of government.

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety
Provides public protection through the establishment and enforcement of technical safety standards related to the manufacture, installation, and operation of complex pressure equipment in widespread use in all commercial, industrial and institutional sectors within the province.

Building Standards
Saskatchewan adopts the National Building Code of Canada (NBC) as the basis for Saskatchewan's building and accessibility standards. These standards address health, safety, accessibility for persons with disabilities and fire and structural protection of buildings. The standards apply to major construction of new buildings and renovation, addition, moving, demolition, and occupancy of existing buildings throughout the province.

Business Name Registration
Before a corporation or business name can be registered, the proposed name must be searched against all other registered names in Saskatchewan

Canada-Saskatchewan Career and Employment Services
Canada-Saskatchewan Career and Employment Service helps Saskatchewan people to plan a career, upgrade their education or skills, and find a job. It also assists employers to find the workers they need.

Clarence Campeau Development Fund
Saskatchewan First Nations & Métis Relations (FNMR) provides a portion of profits generated by the Moose Jaw and Regina casinos to the Clarence Campeau Development Fund (also known as the Métis Development Fund) to facilitate Métis economic and business development.

Corporate Registry
The Corporate Registry coordinates the registration and regulation of business corporations, non-profit corporations, co-operatives and other businesses in Saskatchewan.

Corporation Capital Tax
Corporation Capital Tax is imposed on corporations which have paid-up capital in excess of $10,000,000. An additional exemption of up to $5,000,000 is available for fiscal years beginning on or after January 1, 2002. The amount of the exemption is based upon the proportion of total salaries and wages that are paid in Saskatchewan by a taxable corporation and its associated corporations. Paid-up capital generally includes retained earnings, capital stock, and long term debt.

Cost of Living Comparison
Saskatchewan's quality of life is high, while the cost of living is low. That makes the province a great place to live and raise a family, and a great place to locate or invest in a business.

Creative Industry Growth and Sustainability Program
A partnership with the Saskatchewan Arts Board to increase the capacity of Creative Industry Sector Organizations to deliver programs and services that foster industry growth and development.

Electrical Licensing
Provides public protection from potential hazards associated with electrical installations. Applies to contractors, employers, and individuals who provide electrical installation services.

Electronic Tax Services
Saskatchewan Electronic Tax Services (SETS) offers a fast, secure, and convenient method to file and make online payments for provincial tax programs.

Elevator Safety
Elevator safety initiatives establish and enforce technical safety standards to minimize the potential hazards associated with the transportation and movement of people by complex electrical and mechanical equipment.

ExpressAddress offers resident of Saskatchewan a convenient way to notify multiple Saskatchewan organizations of your move through one easy to use online service.

Farm Fuel Program
Fuel Tax Exemption Permit holders (i.e. farmers, commercial fishers, trappers and loggers) may purchase 80% of their gasoline tax exempt from registered bulk fuel dealers, cardlock or keylock operations for use in their farming, commercial fishing, trapping or logging activities.

Gas Licensing
Gas Licensing programs apply to contractors, employers, and individuals who provide gas installation services. These programs provide public protection from potential hazards associated with gas installations.

Insurance Premiums Tax
The Insurance Premiums Tax Act imposes a tax on insurance companies that do business in Saskatchewan. In addition, The Motor Vehicle Insurance Premiums Tax Act levies tax on gross motor vehicle insurance premiums and The Fire Prevention Act, 1992, levies tax on premiums written relating to fire insurance.

International Fuel tax Agreement
The International Fuel tax Agreement (IFTA)is an agreement among Canadian provinces and U.S. states that simplifies the reporting of fuel taxes by interjurisdictional carriers. Under IFTA, the carrier files one consolidated fuel tax report with their base jurisdiction and is issued credentials which are honoured in all member jurisdictions.

Invest in Saskatchewan Program
Encourages Saskatchewan people to support economic growth in their province by investing in funds called Labour-Sponsored Venture Capital Corporations (LSVCC). The LSVCCs, in turn, invest in small and medium-sized businesses based in Saskatchewan. These investments help Saskatchewan companies grow and create jobs.

Land Titles
The Land Titles Registry issues titles to land and registers transactions affecting titles, including changes of ownership and registration of interests against land. 

Major Projects Inventory
The Inventory of Major Projects in Saskatchewan is produced by Enterprise Saskatchewan to provide marketing information for Saskatchewan companies from the design and construction phase of the project through the operation and maintenance phases.

Manufacturing and Processing Investment Tax Credit
Information on the non-refundable income tax credit designed to encourage plant and equipment investment in Saskatchewan.

Maps & Photos
ISC's map and photo products provide vital information that can assist you in making important decisions on site selection, development initiatives and other land-related issues and opportunities.

Personal Care Homes
Personal care homes are privately owned and operated facilities that offer accommodation, meals and assistance or supervision for adults aged 18 and older. Personal care homes are licensed and monitored by Saskatchewan Health and must operate in accordance with The Personal Care Homes Act, Regulations and Licensees' Handbook.

Pesticide Applicator Licences
Ensures that commercial pesticide application is conducted in a safe and responsible manner by knowledgeable applicators.

Resource Links for Entrepreneurs
Links to different resources and tools for entrepreneurs.

Saskatchewan's climate change impacts \nand adaptation information centre, SaskAdapt, will help you make adaptation decisions by providing access to the latest information on climate change, its impacts on Saskatchewan and climate change adaptation actions and options in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Economic Checklist
Provides charts of selected economic indicators, their current value (monthly unless otherwise indicated), percentage growth year over year, and Saskatchewan's ranking nationally on each indicator.

Saskatchewan Manufacturers Guide
The Manufacturers Guide is a database of Saskatchewan manufacturers, searchable by company name, community, product or NAICS code.

Saskatchewan NOW! Newsletter
Saskatchewan NOW! provides information on how Saskatchewan businesses and government are working together to keep our economy growing.

Saskatchewan Pension Plan
Saskatchewan Pension Plan (SPP) is a voluntary, money purchase plan designed to provide a pension plan for individuals with little or no access to private pensions or other retirement savings arrangements.
Saskbiz provides comprehensive economic and quality of life information about communities and regions in Saskatchewan.

SaskH2O brings together, under one web address, information and services available from the Government of Saskatchewan that relate to water, regardless of the department or agency that produces the information or offers the service.

Provides all suppliers and public sector purchasers with free access to procurement opportunities handled by SPM Purchasing Branch.

Signing Opportunities
Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation has a multitude of signing opportunities available! Do you have a business, tourist attraction or special event to promote?

Skills Training
For 2010-11, the Skills Training Allocation has replaced the funding for the JobStart/Future Skills program and its program components.

Small Business Loans Association Program
The Small Business Loans Association Program encourages diversification of the Saskatchewan economy and supports community economic development by making funding available, through community-run organizations, to non-traditional entrepreneurs.

Special Crops Processors Survey
Gathers data that will assist industry stakeholders in assessing the scope and nature of the special crops processing sector, and provides primary producers with information about processors and the services they offer.

Square One, Saskatchewan's Business Resource Centre
Visit the Square One website to find information for Saskatchewan entrepreneurs and small-business owners interested in starting or expanding their business.

Survey Plans
The Saskatchewan survey system is an orderly, grid-patterned layout that divides and defines all land parcels in the province. Survey Plans records all legal survey plan and monument information. It provides the foundation for the description of land parcels for the Land Titles Registry.

Taxation Information
Information on provincial business taxation levels and requirements.

Tobacco Tax
The Tobacco Tax Act, 1998 imposes a tax on tobacco products purchased in Saskatchewan or imported into the Province for consumption.

Tourism Saskatchewan
Tourism Saskatchewan is a market-driven, industry-led partnership responsible for tourism activities on behalf of its stakeholders. The mandate includes marketing, visitor services, education and training, product and industry development. Tourism Saskatchewan delivers services related to marketing, advertising, travel counselling, industry education and tourism promotional packaging to support the development of the Saskatchewan tourism industry.

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