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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

General information about the province that is down to earth, but where the sky's the limit!

Our province is known for having an incredible quality of life.  Find out more about Saskatchewan's recreational opportunities, arts and culture, and the many other aspects that make Saskatchewan a great place to live!

The province of Saskatchewan, incorporated in 1905, is a relatively recent creation; but the history which underlies that political and social construct encompasses the countless stories engendered by all those who for millennia have made their homes in the vast plains, parklands and boreal forests of the northern fringes of the North American continent.

Games, quizzes and other fun stuff for the young (and young at heart).  Test your knowledge of the province that's hard to spell, but easy to draw ;-)

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Information in this section was provided by the Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan.  For more information on Saskatchewan, including 2,200 individual entries, 21 in-depth essays and over 1,000 maps, charts and photographs, please visit their web site. 

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