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Sunday, July 05, 2015

It is important to understand your rights and responsibilites as well as the services available to help you make critical decisions.  These links are intended to help you find information and resources about the issues that may be important to you.

This service is not intended to replace professional legal counsel.  For legal advice you should consult a lawyer.


Residents of Saskatchewan who want to legally change their name must make an application for a change of name to the Vital Statistics Unit of Saskatchewan Health.
Provides resources and information to the public in the area of child support and family law.
The Maintenance Enforcement Office registers support orders and agreements, records and monitors payments; and takes enforcement action when the required payments are missed or late.
A marriage certificate is required to provide legal proof of your marriage.
A voluntary and court-ordered information sessions on the stages of separation and divorce, the impact on children and options for parenting in a way that keep children out of parental conflict.
Social workers and trained volunteers provide the services necessary to ensure that children have access to their non-custodial parent in a safe setting.
Assists parents with limited income who have a child support order or agreement registered in Saskatchewan and who want to vary that order or agreement.

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