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Saturday, April 18, 2015


Cypress Hills Provincial Park will be getting a new outdoor amphitheatre and

trail redevelopment through Centenary funding.

"Cypress Hills is a very popular destination park with a wealth of natural and

cultural features," Environment and Resource Management Minister Buckley

Belanger said. "Building an amphitheatre and redeveloping trails enhances the

quality of facilities, while providing opportunities for expanded public

interpretation and education to our park visitors."

The outdoor amphitheatre, which will be located near the campground entry

office, will allow staff to develop and deliver programs that entertain and

educate the visitors on park related topics. The outdoor setting places the

audience in the natural environment of the park where they can better

experience and relate to the program material.

The connector trail from the campgrounds to the park core area will be

redeveloped and modified for improved accessibility, including base

improvements and hard surfacing. Improvements will also be made to the

existing "Valley of the Windfalls" nature trail.

The money for these projects comes from the province's four-year, $120 million

Centenary Fund. Total cost of these projects, which are expected to be

completed by the spring of 2001, is $200,000.

This funding supplements current provincial parks infrastructure spending of

$2.5 million per year. The Centenary Fund was developed so important capital

projects can be completed as Saskatchewan approaches its centennial in 2005.

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For more information, contact:

Bob Stenzil

Environment and Resource Management


Phone: (306) 787-2932
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