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Thursday, April 02, 2015


Associate Health Minister Judy Junor today said women who choose to

use the services of midwives in Saskatchewan are ensured of a

consistent, high standard of quality and safety because of The

Midwifery Act, receiving second reading at the legislature.

The legislation, when passed into law, will legalize and regulate the

profession of midwifery for the first time in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan women can be assured that licensed midwives have the

necessary training and skills to safely assist them.

"This legislation is the result of government's partnership with

midwives and other health care partners over the past several years,"

Junor said. "It takes advantage of the experience of midwives in

other provinces but reflects Saskatchewan's unique needs and


Highlights of the act include:

a requirement that all individuals practising as midwives or

calling themselves "midwife" be registered and licensed;

establishment of the Saskatchewan College of Midwives as the

regulatory body;

establishment of a transitional council composed of various other

health stakeholders to assist in integrating and regulating the

profession in its early years;

allowing midwives to order essential diagnostic tests,

prescribe appropriate drugs and perform necessary

procedures; and

allowing midwives to manage a woman's labour and delivery in

hospital and out-of-hospital settings provided the woman is

experiencing no complications.

"Our government recognizes there is a growing interest in the

midwife as an optional health provider, but the profession needs

to be regulated to ensure only those who are properly trained can

practise," Junor said.

Saskatchewan joins other provinces including B.C., Alberta,

Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec in regulating midwives as a


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For more information, contact:

Jeff Brown

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Saskatchewan Health


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