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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Premier Roy Romanow called on the federal government to deal with U.S.

and European agricultural subsidies at the Western Premiers'

Conference in Drumheller today.

"Our farmers can compete in any market where there are fair trade

rules," Romanow said. "What they can't do is compete with the

treasuries of the United States and European Union. Ottawa has to

persuade other national governments to substantially reduce or

eliminate subsidies to farmers. If the federal government can't do

that it must at least provide our farmers with similar levels of


Romanow also called on western premiers to work for improvements to

the federal farm aid program and the grain transportation system.

"Canada's system for moving grain to markets must be improved to

ensure better returns for our producers," Romanow said. "That means

changes throughout the system and involving farmers in determining the

improvements that must be made.

"The AIDA program has failed to get money into the hands of farmers

this spring as Ottawa promised it would. It is too late to consider

meaningful changes to AIDA for the 1998 claim year. But we need to

continue to pressure the federal government to look at changes for the

1999 claim year.

"The only solution over the long haul is to get rid of the

subsidies which are driving down grain prices. We cannot

continue to have our producers and taxpayers called upon to

compensate for a lack of federal policies for agriculture."

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