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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Students and visitors to the University of Regina, First Nations University of Canada and the SIAST Wascana campus in Regina now have expanded access to wireless Internet service thanks to the Saskatchewan! Connected initiative. Advanced Education and Employment Minister Warren McCall made the announcement today in Regina on behalf of Minister responsible for Information Technology Frank Quennell.

The Saskatchewan! Connected initiative offers users basic Internet service via a wireless Wi-Fi based network. The first phase of the initiative was launched in July with the service being made available in select business districts of Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina and Saskatoon. The second phase involves the expansion of existing wireless networks in the post-secondary institutions of the four centres, and opening up their previously restricted wireless services to the general public.

"Post-secondary students in Regina will now be able to access wireless Internet service nearly anywhere on campus, providing them with an even more enjoyable learning environment," McCall said. "Saskatchewan! Connected is also being made available in a small residential and business district adjacent to the University of Regina so that many students can continue to enjoy the benefits where they live and socialize."

The new Regina residential and business district receiving the service is an area bordered by Kramer Boulevard, Hillsdale Street, Parker Avenue and Wascana Parkway.

The Saskatchewan! Connected network is managed and operated by the government Information Technology Office and SaskTel. Portions of the network located in post-secondary schools will be maintained by each individual institution.

The overall capital cost of installing and acquiring the network components in the four centres was $1.3 million, with annual operating costs of $339,000. The initiative was implemented as a direct result of input received from the hundreds of Saskatchewan young people that attended this year's Saskatchewan Youth Summit in Saskatoon.


For more information, contact:

Richard Murray
Information Technology Office
Phone: 306-787-9586
Cell: 306-536-4758

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