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Friday, March 27, 2015


The rural municipalities of Chester No. 125 and Hazelwood No. 94 are eligible for more than $300,000 worth of new infrastructure projects approved under the Canada-Saskatchewan Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (C-S MRIF).

• RM of Chester No. 125 - grid reconstruction with a MRIF contribution of $115,610 and an eligible project cost of $231,222; and

• RM of Hazelwood No. 94 - road construction with a MRIF contribution of $69,684 and an eligible project cost of $139,370.

These investments are part of the more than $51 million in federal, provincial and municipal funds that was announced for 58 C-S MRIF infrastructure projects across the province. The governments of Canada and Saskatchewan will contribute $6.2 million each while participating municipalities will provide the remaining $39 million.

"Saskatchewan people expect their governments to work together and this program is a shining example of governments working together on behalf of their common constituents," Government Relations Minister Len Taylor said. "From a water treatment plant upgrade in Estevan to road reconstruction in the rural municipalities of Chester and Hazelwood, Saskatchewan's $6.2 million investment is part of our government's commitment to fund municipal and regional infrastructure for our communities."

The federal and provincial governments are investing a total of $76 million in the four-year Canada-Saskatchewan Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund. Participating communities are expected to contribute one-half the cost of any project, which could raise the total infrastructure investment to $152 million.

Approved Projects include 29 transportation projects, 25 waste water and water supply improvements and four solid waste projects. Before receiving final approval, community projects undergo a review process under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and all mitigating factors will be addressed during the construction phase.

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