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Friday, March 27, 2015


The Lloydminster Health District is moving ahead with plans to renovate and

upgrade a number of health care facilities in Lloydminster.

Health Minister Pat Atkinson gave approval-in-principle to district plans that

address fire safety needs, Occupational Health & Safety corrections, energy

management initiatives, maintenance work and other building renovations.

"Reinvesting in local health care facilities is an essential part of our goal

to improve service delivery and ensure quality of care for people throughout

the province," Atkinson said.

Province-wide, Saskatchewan Health will spend $41.1 million on capital projects

this year. Of this amount, $7.7 million is available for new projects and

$33.4 million is committed to previously approved projects.

The Lloydminster Health District delivers health services to residents from

both Saskatchewan and Alberta because of Lloydminster's unique geographic

location. Saskatchewan, Alberta, and the district are planning to cost share

the 2000-2001 capital project involving upgrades to the Lloydminster Hospital.

High provincial priority is being given to the following new Lloydminster

Health District capital projects:

Lloydminster Hospital - Replacement of ambulance garage roof;

replacement of underground fuel storage tank and installation of above

ground fuel storage tank; and replacement of smoke detectors; and

Lloydminster Jubilee Home - Replacement of rooftop heating and cooling


Saskatchewan Health officials will continue to work with the Lloydminster

Health District to finalize plans for the capital projects.


For more information, contact:

Jeff Brown

Communications Branch

Saskatchewan Health


Phone: (306) 787-4088
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