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Sunday, April 19, 2015


The Prince Albert Share-a-Meal Food Bank received 5,000 pounds of ground meat today, the first half of its share of the donation made by the provincial government and XL Foods Ltd. to Saskatchewan food banks.

"It's great to see the donation from the province and XL Foods making its way to food banks around the province," Community Resources and Employment Minister Glenn Hagel said. "This movement of meat in a small way helps support Saskatchewan's livestock industry until the US border fully reopens to Canadian beef products and cattle."

Ron Bergen, President of the Prince Albert Share-a-Meal Food Bank, said he was excited to see the meat arriving in Prince Albert. "We are very grateful for the donation, which will help us provide food for the 40 or so groups we support in and around Prince Albert," Bergen said.

Last month, the provincial government announced it was matching a donation of 40,000 pounds of ground meat from XL Foods Ltd. to provide a total of 80,000 pounds of meat to Saskatchewan food banks. On July 31st, half of the total donation (40,000 pounds) arrived at the Saskatoon and Regina Food Banks, with the other half to follow in a couple of weeks. The Saskatoon and Regina outlets are keeping a share for their clients and shipping portions to other food banks around the province.

The Saskatchewan Food Bank Association has member food banks in 13 communities across the province, all of which are receiving a portion of the 80,000 pound donation. The meat is a combination of ground beef and bison, frozen in one pound packages.


For More Information, Contact:

Janet Miller
Community Resources and Employment
Phone: (306)787-0531
Linda Fidler
Prince Albert Share-a-Meal Food Bank
Prince Albert
Phone: (306)763-8161
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