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Friday, April 17, 2015


Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management (SERM) today issued a

warning that there is thin ice and open water on lakes with aeration

systems located throughout the province.

Aerated lakes with open water or thin ice will be posted with notices

warning lake users of the hazard. The public is urged to stay clear

of posted areas.

Aeration systems generally operate during the winter season when snow

and ice conditions may result in low oxygen levels fatal to fish.

Compressors circulate fresh air within the lake to increase the rate

of fish survival.

SERM, with assistance from local communities, park boards and

Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation branches, will operate 26 aeration

projects from December to March (list attached). These projects

receive funding from the Fish and Wildlife Development Fund obtained

from angling licence sales.

The sport fishing industry in Saskatchewan accounts for over $270

million dollars in annual economic activity, $187 million of which is

directly attributable to angling. There are approximately 180,000

angling licences sold each year.

These aeration projects are one of many programs that SERM has to

preserve Saskatchewan's fish resources and enhance fishing

opportunities. Other projects include lake/stream habitat

assessments and improvement, trout fishery development, lake

rehabilitation, mini and mobile hatcheries, rearing

ponds/spawning marshes, fishways, fish barriers and angler



For more information, contact:

Murray Koob

Fish and Wildlife Branch

Prince Albert

Phone: (306) 953-2888

1998-99 Aeration Projects

Lake/Reservoir Location Contact Person

Bell Pond 1 km S. of Luseland Ron Jensen, 778-8210

Buffalo Pond Buffalo Pound Prov. Park " "

Biggar Pond 3 km N. of Biggar J. Merkowsky, 933-7943

Birch Lake Moose Mountain Prov. Park Al McCutcheon, 728-7491

Ceylon Reservoir 3 km E. of Ceylon Ron Jensen, 778-8210

Clearwater Lake 8 km N.E. of Kyle " "

Condie Reservoir 11 km N.W. of Regina Al McCutcheon, 728-7491

Eagle Creek Pond 25 km N.W. of Asquith J. Merkowsky, 933-7943

From Lake 7 km N. of Spy Hill Al McCutcheon, 728-7491

Grant's Lake 15 km E. of Debden John Weir, 236-7556

Lady Lake 8 km N.W. of Preeceville Lyle Wallin, 953-2889

Little Jackfish Lake Duck Mountain Prov Park Al McCutcheon, 728-7491

Melville Reservoir 3 km N.W. of Melville " "

Nesland Lake 3 km W. of Mont Nebo Lyle Wallin, 953-2889

Picnic Lake 6 km E. of Edam J. Merkowsky, 933-7943

Redberry Pond Redberry Lake Regional Park " "

Scott Reservoir 8 km S.W. of Wilkie " "

Shutte Lake 30 km N.W. of Preeceville Lyle Wallin, 953-2889

Smuts Lake 5 km S.W. of Alvena J. Merkowsky, 933-7943

Steistol Lake Greenwater Lake Prov. Park Lyle Wallin, 953-2889

Struthers Lake 11 km N.E. of Crystal Springs " "

Tobin Creek Pond 50 km N.E. of Nipawin " "

Waldheim Pond Town of Waldheim J. Merkowsky, 933-7943

Wapella Reservoir Town of Wapella Al McCutcheon, 728-7491

Wilson Lake 12 km S.W. of Springside " "

Wynyard Reservoir 2 km S. of Wynyard J. Merkowsky, 933-7943
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