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Wednesday, April 01, 2015


The provincial government today released results of polling that

sought public opinion in areas such as the provincial economy, health

care, justice, education, and occupational health and safety.

This report contains the results of omnibus surveys in January,

February, March and April, 1999. It also includes results of

budget-related questions. The results of a stand-alone survey of

young workers on occupational health and safety and labour standards

are also included in the report.

Some of the findings show:

More than two thirds (69%) of respondents think the education

system in Saskatchewan is the same or better than that of the

rest of the country. (January Omnibus)

The majority of respondents (81%) rate the quality of health

services which they or their family members received in the past

12 months as either excellent or good. (April Omnibus)

Survey respondents felt the most important issues facing

Saskatchewan today include health care (42%), agriculture (6%),

jobs and employment (12%), provincial taxes (13%), accumulated

provincial debt (4%), the economy (4%), and 3% mention business

and industry . (April Omnibus)

The vast majority of respondents approve of the changes the

Government is making to the justice system, including the

way the government has targeted funds to set up a program

called the Serious and Habitual Offender Comprehensive

Action Program', targeted funds to strengthen the

prosecutions branch of the justice department, and launched

a serious crimes task force' to fight crimes. (January,

February and March Omnibus)

Also released with the results was the cost of conducting the

surveys. Total cost for public opinion polling and survey

research conducted by the provincial government for the 1998-99

fiscal year was $215,621. The cost of the April omnibus poll was



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