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Friday, March 27, 2015


Premier Roy Romanow today thanked Carol Teichrob for her service to

the province of Saskatchewan.

Romanow was responding to the announcement that Teichrob will not be

running as a candidate in the next provincial election.

"I want to thank her for her service and pay tribute to her

contribution," Romanow said. "Carol Teichrob has been an invaluable

member of our government team. She was one of our original Cabinet

members, appointed on November 1, 1991 to serve as Education Minister.

"She set our school system on the road to excellence. She revitalized

SCN. And she made a signal contribution to both our province and our

country, by leading the work that led to the creation of

Saskatchewan's Francophone school system.

"In November 1995 she was appointed Minister of Municipal Government.

She again served our province with distinction. Among many

achievements she oversaw a fundamental reform of municipal

legislation. She played a key role in establishing the Northern

Roundtable dialog, which is opening new horizons for northern

citizens. She oversaw the modernization of local assessments.

"She has nurtured our provincial Arts Board the first of its

kind in Canada. And she has kept this government focused on

municipal concerns including the establishment of a $10 million

provincial-municipal infrastructure program in this year's


Romanow noted Teichrob has had a truly remarkable career,

including time as a truck driver, court reporter, bookstore

owner, farmer, reeve, MLA and Minister.

"She's a proud Grandmother. I know she's justly proud of her

achievements in public and private life. I'm proud to have

served with her in government," Romanow said.

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