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Saturday, April 18, 2015


Saskatchewan producers whose crops have been damaged by wildlife may be eligible for compensation under the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program.

"Dealing with abundant wildlife has become part of farming in Saskatchewan," Saskatchewan Crop Insurance General Manager Stan Benjamin said. "We want producers to be aware that the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program is available to provide compensation to them, should the need arise."

The program provides 80 per cent compensation on damage caused by migratory waterfowl and big game that have not been held in captivity. The program also provides compensation for costs associated with cleaning excreta-contaminated grain.

The program is funded entirely by the provincial and federal governments, with no costs or premiums paid by the producer. Although the program is administered by Crop Insurance, it is available to all Saskatchewan producers; you do not have to be a Crop Insurance customer to receive compensation.

"As with any compensation program, producers are expected to use good prevention practices to reduce the risk of wildlife damage," Benjamin said.

Producers who think they may be in a claim position must contact Crop Insurance immediately, as an adjuster must assess the damage before the crop can be harvested. Compensation is provided on a spot-loss basis and is based on the yield-loss to the damaged area.

After the damaged crop has been inspected, producers are asked to notify Crop Insurance once the crop has been harvested. Payment will not be made until confirmation of harvest has been received.

To learn more about the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program, visit


For more information, contact:

Denise Yont
Saskatchewan Crop Insurance
Phone: 306-728-7434

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