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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Sixty-six per cent of the 2007 crop has been harvested, up from last week's figure of 56 per cent, according to Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food's weekly crop report.

The five-year (2002-06) average is 53 per cent harvested. Harvesting is furthest advanced in the southwest, where 95 per cent of the crop is off. Combining progress is least advanced in the northeast, where 31 per cent of the crop has been taken off to date. Northern and central areas are in need of warm, dry weather to advance harvesting operations.

Provincially, the winter wheat, fall rye, lentil and pea harvest is over 90 per cent complete. Crops that were less than 50 per cent harvested include oats, sunflowers, flax and canary seed.

Over 60 per cent of the barley crop has been harvested, of which crop reporters expect 36 per cent will grade malt, 48 per cent will grade 1 CW and the remainder will grade 2 CW. The 10-year crop report average is 31 per cent malt, 48 per cent 1 CW, and 21 per cent 2 CW. Reporters noted there were some concerns regarding light bushel weight and staining.

Frost and wind caused the majority of the crop damage reported during the past week. Any remaining green crops were hardest hit by the frost, with the majority of green crops found in the northern grainbelt.

Other fieldwork includes seeding fall crops, harrowing, spraying, baling straw and hauling bales.


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