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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Two Agreements-in-Principle were signed today, paving the way to more detailed

negotiations on First Nation government for Meadow Lake First Nations (MLFNs).

Chief Richard Gladue of the Meadow Lake Tribal Council (MLTC); Minister of

Indian Affairs and Northern Development Robert Nault and Saskatchewan Premier

Roy Romanow participated in a ceremony marking the signing after nine years of


All three partners agree that self-government is the next major step in Meadow

Lake First Nations achieving full participation in the political, economic and

social growth of Saskatchewan and Canada.

"This signing recognizes the political reality and rights our First Nations

have always held.

It will serve as the foundation of our future growth and development. It moves

us closer to achieving our long term goals of assuring our First Nations find

their rightful place in the economic and social development of the country,"

said Chief Gladue.

Meadow Lake First Nations and MLTC are nationally recognized leaders in

economic development and program delivery for their 10,000 band members. Their

forestry initiatives, as well as ventures in several other sectors, have built

a portfolio of financially sound businesses.

"These agreements represent the fundamental building blocks of Canada's future

relationship with Meadow Lake First Nations," said Minister Nault. "They

represent practical means to enhance the quality of life for First Nations

members, both in terms of economic and social development."

"MLTC's proven record of economic success gives its members a sound and

sustainable foundation from which to build toward self-government. Successful

First Nation communities mean a strong and vibrant economy for all

Saskatchewan," said Premier Romanow.

The first agreement, the Comprehensive Agreement in Principle (CAIP), is a

bilateral arrangement between the MLFNs/MLTC and the Government of Canada. It

lays out the terms for future negotiations toward a final agreement on self-


The Meadow Lake First Nations, represented by MLTC, have been negotiating self-

government with the federal government since April 1991.

In late 1996, the Government of Saskatchewan signed a Memorandum of

Understanding to negotiate areas of jurisdiction with the MLFNs on self-

government. As a result, the provincial government became a full party to the


The second agreement, the Tripartite Agreement in Principle (TAIP), involves

all three parties - MLFNs/MLTC, Canada, and Saskatchewan - and establishes the

basis for provincial participation in negotiations. The TAIP also shows

Saskatchewan's recognition of and concurrence with the main agreement.

First Nations government resulting from the negotiation process outlined in the

CAIP and TAIP would give MLFNs the ability to make decisions over matters that

affect the lives of their members on reserve. Laws made under First Nation

government arrangements would operate alongside current federal and provincial

laws that apply on reserve. In particular, the Criminal Code and the Canadian

Charter of Rights and Freedoms will continue to apply.

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For more information, contact:

Vern Bachiu

Meadow Lake Tribal Council

Phone: (306) 236-5654

Trevor Sutter

Manager of Communications

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Saskatchewan Region

Phone: (306) 780-6429

Wendy Campbell

Communications Director

Saskatchewan Intergovernmental and Aboriginal Affairs


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