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Friday, March 27, 2015


A new federal government study is yet another sign that Saskatchewan is making

strides against poverty according to Social Services Minister Harry Van


The study, released by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, shows on-reserve

social assistance rates have dropped by 10 per cent since 1997.

"This is certainly good news and it's indicative of a trend we're seeing across

the province," Van Mulligen said. "We're seeing significant decreases in

social assistance case loads and this study proves that this trend extends to

all Saskatchewan residents, including First Nations people."

Saskatchewan social assistance caseloads have decreased 12 per cent since 1997.

"While we still have a long ways to go, Saskatchewan's progress on poverty is

encouraging," Van Mulligen said. "Our government remains committed to reducing

the incidence and depth of poverty in this province."

Van Mulligen attributed Saskatchewan's reduced social assistance caseloads to

growth in the provincial economy, programs like the Saskatchewan Child Benefit

and the Saskatchewan Employment Supplement that provide support to low-income

families outside of "traditional welfare," and provincial training initiatives.


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