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Monday, March 30, 2015


A new vision for the future of Saskatchewan's tourism industry is the ultimate goal of the first-ever Saskatchewan Summit on Tourism, which kicks off Monday morning at the Conexus Arts Centre in Regina.

Saskatchewan's tourism industry generates more than $1.56 billion in revenue annually. The "Good to Great" Saskatchewan Summit on Tourism will bring together a large and diverse range of government and industry stakeholders to explore opportunities to grow the industry.

"Tourism is very important to Saskatchewan people and our economy," Premier Lorne Calvert said. "This Summit is about bringing together our tourism industry to look at both the opportunities and the challenges we face in pursuing ways to grow and expand our tourism potential. We are doing some good things with tourism in this province. This Summit will make sure we work together to do great things thereby growing the industry and bringing long-lasting benefits to the people of Saskatchewan."

Over the two day Summit, participants will discuss a variety of topics including hospitality, service, signage, quality assurance and areas of untapped potential, such as eco-tourism.

"The impact of tourism in Saskatchewan goes beyond revenue and jobs," Tourism Saskatchewan president and CEO Dr. Lynda Haverstock said. "It sustains our identity, contributes to our reputation with visitors from around the world, defines our character and keeps our history alive and vibrant. Moreover, it adds immeasurably to the quality of life that we enjoy in this province and encourages the enjoyment and appreciation of our natural assets."

"We invited people involved in tourism including communities, businesses and regions from every corner of the province," Minister responsible for Tourism Sandra Morin said. "The goal is to foster discussion, dialogue and awareness of trends and issues in tourism, and to refine the strategic vision for the industry."

Over 55,000 Saskatchewan citizens (one in nine workers) are employed in tourism or tourism-related jobs, and there are over 4,300 distinct tourism products and events in the province. Current statistics determine tourism as Saskatchewan's fourth largest export industry, with export revenue exceeding $560 million annually.


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