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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Premier Roy Romanow stressed Saskatchewan's economic strengths in
agriculture, mining and telecommunications technology during talks with
Philippines President Fidel Ramos yesterday in Manila. Trade,
investment and jobs were a major part of wide-ranging discussions
between Philippines government officials, headed by President Ramos,
and members of Team Canada's trade mission to Southeast Asia.

Romanow briefed the Philippines president and members of his government
on some of Saskatchewan's specific trade interests in the Philippines.

"We're seeking to expand our agricultural markets for speciality crops
and grains such as wheat, malt, feed wheat, oats and barley," Romanow
said. "To do so, existing barriers need to be lowered or eliminated."

Romanow also promoted the expansion of Saskatchewan's significant
potash trade with the Philippines by urging for long-term contracts.
He also noted that Saskatchewan's world leadership in uranium should
make it the preferred supplier for uranium should the Philippines'
ambitious nuclear power development plans proceed.

Romanow acknowledged the Philippines' plans for infrastructure
development over the next few years.

"I reminded President Ramos of SaskTel International's work in helping
to build up his country's telecommunications infrastructure over the
past eight years and of our desire to see that co-operation continue
and expand in the future," Romanow said. "I fully expect that SaskTel
International will be signing several new contracts on this trip.

"The Philippines is a growing market for Saskatchewan. Its rapid
growth will generate demand for many of Saskatchewan's key exports,
including high-tech services."


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