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Saturday, April 18, 2015


Municipal Government Minister Carol Teichrob, Murray Westby, president
of the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association, and Sinclair
Harrison, president of the Saskatchewan Association of Rural
Municipalities today released a project management plan outlining how
provincial and municipal governments will work together to address
current challenges and prepare for the next century.

The project management plan is the result of the Memorandum of
Understanding signed by the three parties in May 1996.

"We have agreed on specific actions which will lead to a stronger
municipal sector which will be able to deliver quality public services
well into the 21st century," Teichrob said. "The provincial government
is committed to effective government at every level. We're pleased
that SUMA and SARM are working co-operatively with us to achieve this

"We were hoping to make more progress to date on service financing
issues as part of this ambitious agenda, but it is better to proceed
through consultation than with the type of pre-emptive actions seen in
some provinces," Westby said.

"People expect us to take a leadership role, to work together and be
responsive to challenges," Harrison said. "This project management
plan gives us the opportunity to address our challenges head on."
The project management plan outlines specific areas under review, the
majority of which will be completed by July 31, 1997, including:

the current system of municipal structures and governance with an
eye to greater efficiency and capacity to provide services;

the cost and expenditure patterns of municipalities;

current and potential efforts of inter-municipal co-operation;

outstanding financial issues;

elimination of onerous administrative burdens; and

public sector service roles and responsibilities.

The project management plan also recognizes the need for consultations
with all municipalities and other parties as the reviews progress.

The Municipal-Provincial Roundtable, chaired by the minister of
Municipal Government, will continue to co-ordinate the development of
the project management plan and review progress in March, 1997.


For more information, contact:

Maureen Boyle
Municipal Government
Phone: (306) 787-5959

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