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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Highways and Transportation Minister Judy Bradley today announced the

official opening of the new Outlook Bridge crossing the South

Saskatchewan River at Highway No. 15 and Outlook.

"The construction of this new bridge is an investment in the

continuing economic growth in Outlook and the surrounding area,"

Bradley said. "It represents both an improvement for local traffic

and a major investment in our provincial transportation network."

The new wider bridge will easily handle the increased volume and size

of tractor trailers and farm machinery. Guardrails replace steel

truss spans, so load height is no longer a concern.

The new Outlook Bridge and associated roadwork were built by seven

contractors over two years at a cost of $11 million. The roadwork

totalled $3.8 million, while the bridge totalled $7.2 million.

"This new bridge improves on the vital east-west link recognized by

our town's founders in the early 1900s as so important to our growth

and development," said Outlook Mayor Bob Stephenson.

"The potato and alfalfa industries are growing in the Outlook area.

This new bridge accommodates that growth, helping producers better

transport their products," said Bill Sheppard, President, Lake

Diefenbaker Potato Corporation.

"The bridge improves the transportation route for producers and

all Highway No. 15 users who are visiting, passing through or

doing business in the Outlook area," said Jim Mills, president of

the Outlook and District Chamber of Commerce.

"Improving our highway system is a priority - and construction of

the new Outlook Bridge shows our commitment," Bradley said.

"This bridge will meet the transportation needs of the Outlook

region well into the next century."

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For more information, contact:

Rock Gorlick

Director, Engineering Projects

Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation


Phone: (306) 933-5225

Cell: 227-8013
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