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Friday, March 27, 2015


The Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) has unveiled a tractor modified to operate on 100 per cent hydrated ethanol. The retrofitted 7110 Deutz model was featured in today's Harvest Festival Parade in Saskatoon.

"Saskatchewan's future of alternative energy production includes ethanol," Premier Lorne Calvert said. "These clean-burning vehicles will create demand for ethanol production plants in the province and create economic opportunity for Saskatchewan people."

Ethanol is a high octane, water-free alcohol made primarily from grains or other renewable agricultural and agro-forestry feedstock. SRC's new ethanol tractor runs on hydrated ethanol, which contains a minimum of five per cent water.

"SRC has been conducting research and development in the area of natural gas vehicles since 1985 and continues to explore the feasibility of using hydrogen and ethanol as alternative fuels," Minister responsible for the Saskatchewan Research Council Eric Cline said. "The development of the ethanol tractor is one of the many projects SRC is currently exploring in the area of alternative fuels."

"With high energy prices and the advancement of new technologies, ethanol is a desirable, renewable biofuel because it is a high-performance fuel that cuts poisonous exhaust emissions and is better for the environment than conventional fuels," SRC president and CEO Dr. Laurier Schramm said.

SRC's unveiling of the ethanol-fuelled tractor is timely. Saskatchewan Industry and Resources is expected to announce an increased mandate of 7.5 per cent ethanol in gasoline in the near future.


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