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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Education Minister Pat Atkinson today congratulated educators and
community members in the Saskatchewan Valley and Battleford School
Division area on a successful restructuring project. On January 1,
1997, Blaine Lake School Division No. 57 ceased to exist and 619
students and 73 teachers and support staff became part of either the
Saskatchewan Valley School Division No. 49 or Battleford School
Division No. 58.

"This initiative is an excellent example of a successful restructuring
project that is locally determined, balanced with government
facilitation," Atkinson said. "It shows that school boards and their
communities are willing to make appropriate decisions to improve the
quality of education for their children."

In December, 1996, following an extensive consultation process on four
suggested options for restructuring, Atkinson announced the
Government's selection of a fifth option - a balance of government
leadership with local determination. Atkinson stated that all school
divisions will be expected to participate in restructuring discussions
with their communities.

"Division restructuring is one of a wide range of options available to
school divisions in order to sustain and improve the quality of
education for all Saskatchewan students," Atkinson said. "Sharing
services, facilities, and administrative staff; joint purchasing; and
the development of new partnerships will help students and their

Saskatchewan Valley School Division Vice Chair Pat Sipley said students
and staff from the Blaine Lake School Division will now be offered a
wider range of support in the areas of curriculum, technology, special
education and counselling. "The Saskatchewan Valley and Battleford
School Divisions are larger systems that can support the good work
already being done at the school level," Sipley said. "The two systems
are pleased to welcome the new students and staff."

Atkinson said the educational community, parents and the general public
should be congratulated for setting this process in motion, garnering
support at the grass roots level and carrying it out smoothly. "The
process could certainly be seen as a model for other school divisions."

Atkinson said there is a public expectation that all Saskatchewan
students receive a quality education and a range of services needed for
their future success. "Meeting this goal must be the key focus of all
restructuring initiatives," Atkinson said.


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