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Monday, March 30, 2015


The location for a new bridge near St. Louis has been finalized following

public consultations and recommendations from an engineering report.

The new bridge will be 1.6 km east of the existing St. Louis Bridge and is

being built to replace the existing bridge, which will need major repairs

within five to 10 years.

Construction for the new bridge is scheduled to begin in late 2003 and

should be completed by the fall of 2005. The new bridge will be

constructed over the South Saskatchewan River on Highway 2 near the Village

of St. Louis.

In addition to the safety and engineering considerations, during the

consultation process, the majority of public input favoured the new bridge


"The bridge itself offers a long-term and cost-effective solution to the

transportation needs in the area," Highways and Transportation Minister Pat

Atkinson said. "When it is built, it will be built to last for at least

the next fifty years. The estimated total cost for the bridge is $13.8


In 1998, Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation commissioned UMA

Engineering Ltd. to conduct a functional planning study to determine the

best location for a new bridge and related roadways.

The new bridge site selection was based on recommendations from the

consultant review, and include practical considerations such as the best

bridge structure alignment, best location for safety considerations, well-

located service to adjacent land, and geotechnical factors. Considerable

drilling and engineering analysis has been performed at the new site.


For more information, contact:

Stu Armstrong

Highways and Transportation

Prince Albert

Phone: (306) 953-3501
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