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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Dr. Nikki Gerrard, a community psychologist and well respected in the area of

farm stress, recently began her new duties as a Provincial Farm Stress


Dr. Gerrard is working with health district staff and volunteers to expand

their skills in responding to farm stress. Saskatchewan Health obtained Dr.

Gerrard's services through a contract agreement with the Saskatoon District


Many health districts in rural areas offer addiction services, health promotion

and farm injury prevention and safety programs. There are mental health

services in 100 communities throughout the province.

Dr. Gerrard is serving as a resource for health district personnel, and other

stakeholders, working in the area of farm stress. Among other things, she has

developed a farm stress workshop kit and is training staff to present these


Dr. Gerrard has worked in the area of farm stress for more than nine years.

She has conducted and published research on farm stress, rural women's health

and, most recently, a study on stress resiliency in rural residents in


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For more information, contact:

Jeff Brown

Communications Branch

Saskatchewan Health


Phone: (306) 787-4088
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