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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Southwest Saskatchewan will benefit from an estimated $77.5 million worth of highway and bridge improvements in the 2009-10 construction season and motorists will see an unprecedented amount of work taking place in this corner of the province.

"The transportation network in southwest Saskatchewan has been neglected for many years with inadequate access to primary weight corridors," Highways and Infrastructure Minister Jim Reiter said. "Our $34 million investment to rebuild Highway 32 will provide support for the oil and gas, agriculture, retail and other sectors of the regional economy and provide improved safety for motorists and access to the regional health care facility. In addition, this region will see a number of other improvements, including $13.9 million worth of resurfacing work on Highway 1 to provide an improved surface on one of the most heavily-travelled and important trade corridors in the province."

Construction being tendered or taking place in southwest Saskatchewan this season is listed below:

Highway 1 and 4 interchange at Swift Current

  • The province has provided $6.5 million under the Urban Highway Connector Program for improvements to the interchange at Highways 1 and 4. Work will include the widening of Highway 4 from Swift Current Creek to approximately 200 metres north of Saskatchewan Drive, and relocating the Highway 1 west-bound and Highway 1 east-bound exit ramps further apart to create greater separation and an improved level of service to motorists. The City of Swift Current is managing this project and the tender process will be underway over the summer.

Highway 1 resurfacing

  • Webb to the Junction of Highway 32, eastbound lanes - 24 km. Crumb rubber asphalt will be applied beginning in July, 2009.
  • East of Maple Creek, westbound lanes - 12 km. Crumb rubber asphalt will be applied beginning July, 2009.
  • Junction Highway 1 and 21 to 18 km west, eastbound lanes - 18 km. Crumb rubber asphalt will be applied beginning July, 2009.
  • Five kilometres west Piapot to Sidewood, eastbound lanes - 20 km. Crumb rubber asphalt may be applied summer 2009, if weather permits; otherwise work will be deferred to 2010.

Highway 1 bridge work

  • Six bridge replacements will take place on Highway 1 near Chaplin over the next two years after tendering is complete in June. Work on three of the westbound lane bridges is expected to take place in 2009, while work on the remaining three in the eastbound lane is expected to take place in 2010.

Highway 13

  • West of Woodrow to Lafleche and east of Limerick to Assiniboia - 42 km. Resurfacing will take place beginning September, 2009.

Highway 21

  • 4 km south of Eatonia to 14 km south of Eatonia - 10 km. A seal coat (hot liquid asphalt and gravel application) is being applied beginning late June, 2009.

Highway 32

  • The province is investing an estimated $34 million to rebuild the Highway 32 corridor (grade and pave) from Shackleton to Prelate, a total of 56 kilometres.
  • Construction will take place in three sections: first Shackleton to Lancer, followed by Lemsford to Prelate, followed by the middle section from Lancer to Lemsford.
  • Construction was underway May 4, 2009 on 21 km from Shackleton to Lancer. The project is expected to be complete in the fall of 2010.
  • A tender has been awarded for construction on 18.9 km from Lemsford to Prelate. Work on this project will begin August, 2009 and is projected to be complete by fall 2010. This project will be completed under the federal/provincial Infrastructure Stimulus Fund.
  • A tender will be advertised in July for construction on 16.6 km from Lancer to Lemsford. The start date is unknown at this time but the project will be completed by fall 2010.
  • This work will be completed under the federal/provincial Infrastructure Stimulus Fund.
  • Resurfacing is also taking place from the Junction of Highway 1 to north of Success - 22.5 km. Rubber asphalt will be applied beginning in July, 2009.

Highway 37

  • North of Climax - 13 km. This grading and paving project is underway and expected to be complete in July, 2009.
  • 10 to 20 km south of Shaunavon - 10 km. A seal coat (hot liquid asphalt and gravel application) will be applied beginning late June, 2009.

Highway 43

  • Pambrum to 7 km west - 6 km. This base strengthening project will begin in late June, 2009.

Motorists are required to slow to 60 km/h in the construction Orange Zone when passing Highway workers and equipment. Motorists caught speeding in the Orange Zone face a base fine of $140. For more information on highway construction go to


For more information, contact:

Kirsten Leatherdale
Highways and Infrastructure
Phone: 306-787-8484
Cell: 306-536-9692

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