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Saturday, March 28, 2015


Agriculture and Food's Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) will support

organic farming research at the University of Saskatchewan. Researchers

Dr. Diane Knight and Dr. Steve Shirtliffe will receive $286,000 for

research into soil fertility and weed management on organic farms.

Premier Lorne Calvert announced the funding today at the Agriculture and

Agri-Food Canada Scott Research Farm, where part of the research will be

conducted over the next three years.

"Scott Research Farm is an excellent example of federal-provincial co-

operation and was a primary site for organic research supported by the

federal-provincial Agri-Food Innovation Fund," Premier Calvert said.

"Agricultural research and development undertaken by federal and provincial

facilities are vital to Saskatchewan's agriculture and food industry and

play a major role in helping producers diversify."

"This research will provide better information to producers who are

choosing organic farming. During recent consultations Saskatchewan's

organic growers identified soil fertility and weed management as their top

research priorities."

With an increase of $2 million announced in the spring provincial budget,

$19 million is now allocated to agricultural research and development in

the province.


For more information, contact:

Dr. Abdul Jalil Chris Maloney

Director, Agriculture Research Branch College of Agriculture

Agriculture and Food University of Saskatchewan

Regina Saskatoon

Phone: (306) 787-5960 Phone: (306) 966-8618
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