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Saturday, April 18, 2015


Saskatchewan will soon have the most advanced land information system in Canada

with the establishment of the Land Information Services Corporation.

The new Crown Corporation will be responsible for completing the Land Titles

Automated Network Development Project (LAND Project). The LAND Project will

automate Saskatchewan's outdated paper-based land titles system and integrate

it with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology.

In addition to providing the public with a superior land registration system,

the corporation will also seek markets for the new products and services made

possible because of the new integrated land information system. Its head

office will be in Regina.

Fraser Nicholson, most recently the Deputy Minister of Economic and Co-

operative Development, has been appointed President and Chief Executive

Officer. Nicholson brings 25 years of public sector experience in Saskatchewan

and Atlantic Canada, including work on the development of Service New

Brunswick, which provides access to government programming through a network of

electronic service channels and 'one stop' service centres.

"A commercial Crown corporation is the most efficient management structure for

completing the planning, development and implementation of Saskatchewan's new

land information system," Crown Investments Corporation Minister John Nilson

said. "I am pleased to have a public servant of Mr. Nicholson's wide

experience available to lead the new corporation."

The Saskatchewan Land Information Services Corporation assumes the assets and

operations of the provincial land titles system, previously part of

Saskatchewan Justice, as well as the SaskGeomatics Division of Saskatchewan

Property Management Corporation.

"The LAND Project will establish Saskatchewan as a leader in land information

systems and provide a platform for the future on-line delivery of many other

government services," Justice Minister Chris Axworthy said. "The new system

will offer simpler, more accessible service and consistent 24 to 48 hour title

registration processing across the province. The integration with GIS

technology will allow users to see computerized images of parcels of land, and

allow for future access to other information about that land such as forest,

soil and water cover."

President of the Law Society of Saskatchewan Randy Baker said, "The legal

profession has been actively involved with the LAND Project and welcomes all

measures that facilitate the successful delivery of a modern land information


"The real estate industry is anxious to see this vital automation project

completed in order to provide the industry, and all buyers and sellers of

property, with improved province-wide access and service," Saskatchewan Real

Estate Association Executive Vice-President Kirk Bacon said.

"The successful completion of this project is vital to the future economic

development of the province, as improved access to integrated information about

all land will speed up everything from real estate transactions, to geological

surveys, to new economic development projects," Saskatchewan Land Surveyors

Association President Roy Pominville said.

"The creation of the Saskatchewan Land Information Services Corporation is an

important demonstration of the government's commitment to Saskatchewan's

information technology industry. The LAND Project will create employment

opportunities for system developers, data entry and GIS experts, providing

local information technology workers important experience with leading edge

technology," Managing Director of the Saskatchewan Division of EDS Systemhouse

Dennis Poulin said, the company responsible for the design and implementation

of the new system.

The LAND Project will provide 384 person-years of employment over the next

three years to information technology workers.


For more information, contact:

Fraser Nicholson

Chief Executive Officer

Saskatchewan Land Information Services Corporation


Phone: (306) 787-9841
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