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Friday, February 27, 2015


SaskPower Eneraction is a new portfolio of energy efficiency, conservation and load management programs to help Saskatchewan residents protect our environment and save money on their power bills. SaskPower Eneraction is a key component in helping advance the province's Green Strategy and Energy and Climate Change Plan.

"As our green and prosperous economy continues to grow, we will rely on SaskPower Eneraction programs to reduce electricity demand by 300 megawatts by 2017," Minister responsible for SaskPower John Nilson said. "SaskPower Eneraction is also a cornerstone of SaskPower's expanded Green Power Portfolio, which will help meet the province's growing electricity needs from 2010 to 2014. This will make Saskatchewan an even better place for families and our young people."

Over the next 12-18 months, SaskPower Eneraction will include:

  • Distributing 15,000 free compact fluorescent light bulbs across Saskatchewan by the end of September;
  • Promoting EnergyStar appliances and the PST exemption on these appliances to all Saskatchewan residents;
  • Helping large commercial and institutional customers retrofit their buildings to become more energy efficient through our Energy Performance Contracting program;
  • Offering low cost and no cost tips on how customers can save electricity through SaskPower's Power Savings campaign;
  • Offering industrial energy audits to help larger customers reduce energy use;
  • Using education and financial incentives to improve the efficiency of commercial and municipal lighting;
  • Launching a pilot project using new metering technology to raise customer awareness of the power they use, which has been proven to reduce their overall electrical use;
  • Launching a pilot project to encourage customers to recycle their old fridges, which use much more electricity than new EnergyStar appliances.
  • Improving efficiencies within SaskPower's transmission and generation system;
  • Promoting customer-based generation; and
  • Exploring options for future SaskPower Eneraction programs, including off-peak and curtailment opportunities for our large customers.

"Even the best energy efficient technologies won't help our customers if they don't use them in their homes and businesses," SaskPower president and CEO Pat Youzwa said. "Educating customers on the facts around energy efficient appliances and conservation programs is the first step with SaskPower Eneraction, in order to promote real and lasting changes in how customers use electricity."

Approximately $2.4 million will be invested in SaskPower Eneraction programs in 2007, and approximately $7.1 million in 2008.

Customers can visit today for more power savings tips and tools.


For more information, contact:

Larry Christie
Phone: 306-566-3167
Cell: 1-888-536-0000

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