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Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Provincial Secretary Berny Wiens joined Rosetown Deputy Mayor Fran

Rondeau to announce that Rosetown, along with 63 other communities,

are planning millennium celebrations and have already been officially

recognized by the Celebrating Saskatchewan Recognition Program.

"Saskatchewan communities and organizations are busy planning

celebrations to mark the new millennium and Saskatchewan's Centennial

in 2005," Wiens said. "Through our Celebrating Saskatchewan

Recognition Program we are helping these communities plan and promote

their celebrations."

The Celebrating Saskatchewan Recognition Program provides communities,

organizations and individuals with an opportunity to list and promote

community-based millennium projects on the Celebrating Saskatchewan

website (, and to make use of the Celebrating

Saskatchewan logo.

One of the many events across the province being recognized as a

Celebrating Saskatchewan project will be at Rosetown, July 14 16,


"Our committee is planning a celebration for people of all ages," said

Rondeau. "We are considering a folkfest, tree planting, sports day,

picnics and a street dance."

Saskatchewan's millennium and centennial celebration initiatives

enable communities and organizations to get in touch with each

other through the Internet, share ideas, and promote their

millennium initiatives to all of Saskatchewan, Canada and the

world. Visitors to the Celebrating Saskatchewan website can find

out about a special homecoming, conference or other activity and

join in the festivities by planning a Saskatchewan holiday around

that event.

In addition to the 64 communities planning celebrations, 12 major

conferences have also been recognized under the Celebrating

Saskatchewan program.

"One of Saskatchewan's many strengths lies in our ability to work

together in partnership," Wiens said. "Through our website and

the Anniversaries Secretariat, communities and organizations can

join to commemorate the spirit of our past, celebrate our

present, and leave legacies for the future."

Wiens also thanked the Citizens' Advisory Council on

Anniversaries for their work facilitating millennium celebrations

in Saskatchewan, and thanked the Council in advance for their

continuing efforts towards the celebration of Saskatchewan's

centennial in 2005. The mandate of the Citizens' Advisory

Council on Anniversaries is to provide the government with

recommendations on programs and policies related to the

millennium and provincial centennial. Communities, organizations

and individuals can submit their millennium project initiatives

for recognition by contacting the Anniversaries Secretariat at

(306) 787-2005 or 1-888-390-2005; or by accessing the website at


For more information, contact:

Rob Cunningham

Provincial Secretary, Regina

Phone: (306) 787-8008

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