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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Saskatchewan is entering into negotiations with the federal government to

integrate the delivery of the Canada and Saskatchewan student loans programs.

"The integrated delivery on the student loan program offers many potential

benefits to students and taxpayers," Post-Secondary Education and Skills

Training Minister Glenn Hagel said. "These include the simplicity of a single

loan, better service, reduced administration and red tape, and improving

interest relief and debt reduction for students who run into difficulties in

repaying their loans."

About a year ago, public consultations were held all across Saskatchewan to

discuss ways of improving financial access to higher education and training.

"We heard consistently from students and their families that improvements to

the student loan program were important," Hagel said.

When Saskatchewan's five-year risk-sharing agreement with the Royal Bank

expires on July 31, 2001 the province will once again be responsible for

financing and administering the Saskatchewan Student Loans Program.

"I am delighted we will be working with the Government of Saskatchewan to

integrate our student loans programs," Human Resources Development Canada

Minister Jane Stewart said. "Our goal of improving service to students can be

achieved by making our programs more efficient and effective."

If the Canada and Saskatchewan student loans programs are integrated, a student

will have a joint loan supported by two governments and administered by a

single agency. "Reduced administrative costs will free up funding for program

improvements," Hagel said. "This is an example of how the provincial and

federal governments can work together to provide a better student loan program

at lower cost to the taxpayer."


For more information, contact:

Neil Yeates

Post-Secondary Education and Skills Training


Phone: (306) 787-5586
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