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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Saskatchewan residents who use approved child care services in Lloydminster, Alberta are now eligible for the monthly Saskatchewan child care subsidy.

"Extending this support to families in Lloydminster will increase child care options for parents and help them to meet the costs of child care," Lloydminster MLA Tim McMillan said on behalf of Social Services Minister Donna Harpauer. "The subsidy is provided directly to the eligible parents, to offset the fees charged by Alberta licensed child care providers."

The subsidy varies on a sliding scale with income, with lower family incomes resulting in a higher subsidy. To be eligible for the extended Saskatchewan child care subsidy in Lloydminster, parents must:

  • have a child or children under age 13 who receive care in an Alberta-approved daycare facility or an approved family day home;
  • be Saskatchewan residents, and Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada; and
  • have a valid reason for care (such as employment or self-employment, attendance at an educational institution, looking for work, involvement in an approved pre-employment program, or special medical or social needs).

In addition, there must be no available licensed child care spaces on the Saskatchewan side of Lloydminster.

At present, there is only one daycare facility in Lloydminster, Alberta that is approved under Alberta's Child Care Licensing Act and monitored by Child and Family Service authorities. The Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services is making the child care subsidy available to eligible Saskatchewan parents who use this facility for daycare. Family day homes supervised by the Lloydminster Family Day Home Association will also be eligible for the Saskatchewan child care subsidy.

Saskatchewan residents who have questions about the child care subsidy may call the Ministry of Social Services, toll free at 1-800-667-7155.


For more information, contact:

Brian Miller
Social Services
Phone: 306-787-0531

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