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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Post-Secondary Education and Skills Training Minister Maynard Sonntag

today announced a new training program to help unemployed people on

Employment Insurance and the Saskatchewan Assistance Plan to become

independent through self employment..

"In Saskatchewan, training means jobs," Sonntag said. "The Self

Employment Program will help meet clients' needs for training and

employment by offering another option and opportunity. The program

will also help contribute to economic development and job creation

through the development of individual and small businesses."

The Self Employment Program will offer a range of services and

supports, to help individuals become successfully self-employed. The

services will include a detailed client assessment; formal classroom

instruction in business plan development, market research, accounting

and financial forecasting; and, access to financing options.

The programs provide a broad range of job development and program

options leading to improved employability and sustained employment.

Employment Programs were designed to help unemployed people on

provincial social assistance get the training and work experience

needed to find a job.

"The redesigned Employment Programs have incorporated the best

practices from existing programs and integrated new approaches to

programming," Sonntag added. "These programs provide

opportunities for people to build independence and become

contributing members of society."

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For more information, contact:

Rick Pawliw

Training and Employment Programs Unit

Post-Secondary Education and Skills Training

Phone: (306) 787-5984

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