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Monday, April 20, 2015


Construction of a clay cap has begun on a 12.1 km section of Highway 21

south of Pierceland.

"We are maintaining our focus on building better highways," Highways and

Transportation Minister Mark Wartman said. "Work on this $168,000 clay

capping project began in mid-October, 2002 and should be completed within

two weeks. An estimated 33 full-time workers will be needed to complete

the project."

Clay capping is taking place south of the junction of Highway 21 and 55.

As part of the project, rougher sections of Highway 21 receive a new clay

cap to improve ride quality and provide a safer roadway. Potzus Paving and

Road Maintenance Ltd. is the contractor on the job.

"Highway 21 is an important route for our province, supporting economic

activities for northern Saskatchewan and enabling the development of

tourism opportunities at Meadow Lake Provincial Park," Wartman

said. "Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation is working hard to fix

roads across the province to enhance trade and improve driver safety."

The government has committed $293 million to building better highways in

2002-03. More than 700 km of highways will be reconstructed and paved this


Motorists are reminded to reduce speed and drive safely through the Orange

Zone and to also watch for construction signs and heavy equipment during

the remainder of this busy construction season.

For more information about road construction projects, and other

Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation activities, visit the website:


For more information, contact:

Vanessa Gooliaff Beaupré

Highways and Transportation


Phone: (306) 787-4792
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