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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


The Ministry of Government Relations, in collaboration with various government ministries, agencies, Crown corporations and stakeholder groups are providing updates on the key steps the province and its partners are taking to mitigate and alleviate potential flooding across the province.

Water Security Agency

  • Water Security Agency (WSA) now has 207 applicants in the Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program.  Staff and consultants have been dispatched to assist these clients.  They include: 62 communities, nine First Nations, 10 general, 17 RMs, and 109 individuals.
  • Runoff has not yet started in most areas of the province.  Melt is moving very slowly eastward from the southwest.
  • WSA has now implemented RSS feeds to the news and advisories section of their website.  This will allow users to subscribe directly to a web feed from WSA then receive an email notification once something new has been issued.
  • The mobile site and website have been updated with a Flood Watch section which provides all the relevant information needed for the public when dealing with a flood situation.
  • In preparation for the spring runoff, Rafferty, Boundary and Alameda reservoirs have reached their target levels and flows have been reduced over the past week to 0.5 m3/s.

Ministry of Government Relations

  • On Friday April 19, Government Relations Minister Jim Reiter and ministry representatives met with First Nations leaders from the File Hills Qu'Appelle Tribal Council to discuss flood mitigation and the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP).  The ministry and tribal council agreed to each appoint liaisons to monitor the situation, increase communication and maximize flood response. 
  • Ministry officials have met with the following affected First Nations:
    • Standing Buffalo Dakota - April 22
    • Wood Mountain - April 22
    • Muscowpetung  - April 23
    • Starblanket - April 23
    • Little Black Bear - April 24
    • Okanese - April 24

Ministry of Health

  • The Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory will provide free bacteriological testing to residents to help determine whether well or cistern water affected by flooding is safe to drink.   The free water testing will be available from now until the end of the flood season.  Residents can contact their local health region to find out if they are eligible for free testing and obtain forms and sample containers.  Information for flooded private wells and a list of health region contact numbers is available at

Ministry of Agriculture

  • Farmers and ranchers with concerns or questions about flooding can contact their local Ministry of Agriculture regional office. These offices have staff that can assist with questions from animal nutrition to tips for seeding in cool or wet conditions.  
  • The Ministry of Agriculture also has a listing of feed and forage available for sale at

Ministry of Highways

  • The Highway Hotline will continue to be staffed on a 24-hour basis until the threat of flooding subsides.  Road closures and traffic restrictions as a result of flooding will be posted to the Hotline.  During the 2011 floods, the Hotline received more than 480,000 visits.


  • SaskPower has taken the lessons learned from the 2011 flood and has a comprehensive plan in place to respond to flooding that would impact its facilities and services.  Crews are ready to go, if needed, and a system has been set up to co-ordinate activities to prevent, minimize and restore power disruptions.
  • Portable temporary transmission towers have been purchased which can be quickly set up.
  • Extra anchoring has been done around structures at risk of being flooded.
  • Sandbagging has been done around switching stations.
  • Coal reserves at the Boundary Dam Power Station are at approximately a 38-day supply.
  • Public communications have been underway since late March to inform customers how to prepare their properties for flooding.
  • SaskPower has a dedicated flood information line in service to manage flood-related customer inquiries, 1-877-585-3395.

Information about flood preparedness and keeping yourself and your family safe can be found at


For more information, contact:

Jay Teneycke
Government Relations
Phone: 306-798-6095
Cell: 306-529-8630

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