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Saturday, March 28, 2015


Associate Economic Development Minister Fred Thompson and Touchwood
Hills Regional Economic Development Authority chairperson Greg Bugyi
today announced the formation of Saskatchewan's tenth regional economic
development authority (REDA).

Founding members of the Touchwood Hills Regional Economic Development
Authority are: the Rural Municipalities of Tullymet, Lipton, Cupar,
Garry, Ituna, Bon Accord, Kellross, Touchwood, Emerald and Kutawa; the
towns of Cupar, Ituna and Southey; and, the villages of Dysart,
Hubbard, Kelliher and Leross. The two partners who are associate
members are the Crossroads Rural Development Corporation and the
Carlton Trail Regional College.

"REDAs are an excellent way for rural areas to reap the benefits of the
economic recovery that's under way in Saskatchewan," Thompson said.
"REDAs will enable regions to take advantage of the climate of growth
and job creation. This climate is enhanced through the latest
provincial budget which lays out sustainable surpluses, tax relief for
families, targeted tax cuts to manufacturers and processors, and a
focus on supporting job creation as the number one priority."

Bugyi said that each of the founding REDA members and partners brings a
unique perspective and particular strength to the REDA, but they all
have similar goals.

"There's already a history of regional teamwork and a commitment to
economic development in this area," Bugyi said. "This new organization
will help focus our efforts and strengthen our ability to work together
to build our own future."

The REDA initiative, one of 31 called for in the province's Partnership
for Renewal economic strategy, is based on local co-operation and
regional co-ordination. Startup funding assistance is provided under
the federal-provincial Partnership Agreement on Rural Development and
administered by the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration.

A REDA provides a regional structure made up of municipal governments,
businesses, co-operatives and other community economic development
organizations to co-ordinate and pool their organizational,
professional and financial resources to encourage new jobs and new

REDAs are established, owned, and operated by regional economic
development stakeholders to achieve the long-term goal of enhanced
partnerships, co-ordination, organizational stability, and community
economic development service.

To date, other REDAs have been established in the regions of Hudson
Bay, Prince Albert, Rosetown, Swift Current, Meadow Lake, Watrous,
Saskatoon, Kindersley and Humboldt.


For more information, contact:

Terry Crowe Greg Bugyi
Economic Development Touchwood Hills REDA
Regina Wishart
Phone: 787-2753 Phone: 576-2376
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