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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Saskatchewan Environment is launching a series of public consultations called Green Forums, to discuss a proposed Green Strategy for Saskatchewan.

Starting in September, six Green Forums will be held across the province. Each two-day Forum will focus on a different aspect of the proposed Green Strategy: Reduced Waste and Waste Management; Water Stewardship; Parks and Representative Areas; Human Society and The Environment; Stewardship Of Renewable Natural Resources; and Green Economy and Innovation. Saskatchewan people will be asked to present their vision of a green and more prosperous economy during these forums.

"We now have the opportunity to build on existing work in a way that supports economic growth and environmental health," Environment Minister David Forbes said. "We know that taking care of the environment is the right thing to do. Clean air, land and water and a healthy economy are essential to the health and well-being of everyone."

The proposed Green Strategy is a major building block for a green and more prosperous economy. It was developed using internal and external expertise and information gathered in 2004 during informal discussions with 75 external organizations. Those discussions indicated that building a sustainable future will take immediate action and commitment and should focus on three goals:

· Innovation Toward Sustainability
o improve our quality of life by using science and technology to foster innovation, economic growth and competitiveness as well as environmental sustainability.

· A Respected and Protected Environment
o protecting the environment to ensure healthy air, water, soil biodiversity and ecosystems for the well-being of current and future generations.

· Shared Responsibility, Integration and Accountability
o everyone takes part and shares in the responsibility for a society that is economically, socially, culturally and environmentally sustainable.

"Developing a Green Strategy is something that no government, organization or individual could do alone," Forbes said. "It is a job for everyone, working cooperatively. It is also important that we engage our young people. Their views and ideas will be important and it is our job to ensure that they have the opportunity to express those thoughts and to be part of shaping the world they will live in."

Each Green Forum will have an evening session, open to the public. The next day will focus on discussions with invited stakeholders. Submissions can also be mailed in or submitted to Saskatchewan Environment's website at The information gathered will be used to develop a finalized version of a Green Strategy for Saskatchewan which will be released in spring 2006.


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