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Monday, March 30, 2015


Upgrades on the Annaheim Access Road will speed up, thanks to an innovative

partnership agreement.

The partnership agreement details the joint responsibilities and process for

upgrading the community access road to meet local industry and community

needs. The Annaheim Access Road runs for 16 km from Highway 5 to the Village

of Annaheim.

"Through this partnership, upgrading on this road can be done several years

earlier than would be possible under regular budgeting and can be achieved at a

lower total cost," Highways and Transportation Minister Maynard Sonntag said.

The Access Road is key for transporting materials and goods (steel, heavy haul

trailers) to and from Doepker Industries, which considers improvements to the

road vital to their continued business in Annaheim. The road is also used for

local rural traffic, including grain hauling. In partnership with the RM of

St. Peter, the Village of Annaheim and Doepker Industries, Saskatchewan

Highways and Transportation agreed to a mutually beneficial long-term agreement

to upgrade the road.

Representatives from the Village, the RM of St. Peter, Doepker Industries and

the department of Economic and Co-operative Development, joined Highways and

Transportation Minister Maynard Sonntag at a signing ceremony in Annaheim.

"Through this agreement everyone wins," Sonntag said. "The community and RM

win by accelerating roadwork, and ensuring there is a transportation network in

place to serve the needs of local businesses. The department wins by making

more efficient use of scarce resource dollars. Doepker Industries wins by

having an upgraded road to better meet its business needs, and having an

incentive to keep operating in Annaheim."

Details of the agreement are as follows:

- From April 1, 2001 - March 31, 2004 the RM will work with the

department to rebuild the subgrade (begin reconstructing the grade in

2001, finish it in 2002, and allow the roadbed to "settle" in 2003).

- Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation will pay 75 per cent of

construction cost (estimated at $262,500 for 2001-2002; and $262,500

for 2002-2003).

- Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation intends to place a surfacing

structure on the road starting in 2004 if industrial traffic is still

regular at that time.

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For more information, contact:

Mike Woods

Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation


Phone: (306) 787-4804
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