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Saturday, April 18, 2015


The Saskatchewan Transportation Company and L'il Red Bus Lines of

Radville have entered into a new partnership agreement Deputy Premier

and Crown Investments Corporation Minister Dwain Lingenfelter

announced today.

"This new arrangement will promote STC's partnership with small

private operators, thereby ensuring continued bus service to this part

of rural Saskatchewan," Lingenfelter said. "STC's network of small,

independent partners and inter-connecting carriers is not only

important to the company, it is important to the entire province.

"Li'l Red has operated for more than three years now, as a

community-based partnership endeavour," company president Peter

Sotropa said. "It has provided quality service to this area, and has

become relied upon by the people of this district. STC is helping the

company to stabilize its overhead to ensure the continued operations

of a bus line in this area of the province."

"Li'l Red and STC have developed a partnership in both passenger and

freight services," Judy Bradley, Minister of Highways and

Transportation and MLA for Weyburn-Big Muddy, said. "This business

arrangment is of great benefit to residents of the area."

"The improvements STC has made in its financial performance over

the past couple of years enables it to take on smaller financial

commitments of this nature," Lingenfelter said. "The financial

assistance Li'l Red receives will be absorbed by STC without

increasing the level of subsidy it requires."

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For more information contact:

John Millar

STC, Regina

Phone: (306) 787-6807
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