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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Judge Gerald Terry Seniuk has been appointed Chief Judge of the Provincial

Court of Saskatchewan, effective Jan. 1, 2001.

Judge Seniuk's appointment follows the resignation of Chief Judge Jon Brosi

James Nutting, as Chief Judge, effective Dec. 31, 2000. Chief Judge Nutting

will continue to sit as a Judge of the Provincial Court.

"Chief Judge Nutting was an exceptional leader of the Court. I would like to

thank him for his contributions to our justice system, especially his

contribution to strengthening our Provincial Court. I wish him well in his new

endeavours," Justice Minister Chris Axworthy said. "I am confident Judge

Seniuk's considerable experience and commitment to the law will lead him to a

distinguished term as Chief Judge of the Provincial Court."

"I am very pleased with Judge Seniuk's appointment," Chief Judge Nutting said,

who has served in that role since May 19, 1995. "He has outstanding abilities

and is recognized as a leader of the Saskatchewan Provincial Court."

Axworthy said he is also pleased that the considerable skill, experience and

energy of Chief Judge Nutting will continue to be available to Saskatchewan's

Provincial Court."

Judge Seniuk was appointed to the Provincial Court of Saskatchewan on June 1,

1977. Prior to his appointment, he was a reporter for The Globe & Mail and a

lawyer with Legal Aid.

He served as a Provincial Court Judge in Meadow Lake until July 1, 1987, when

he transferred to the Saskatoon Provincial Court.

Judge Seniuk is very active in the Canadian Association of Provincial Court

Judges and a past member of the Executive of the Association. He is also a

Past President of the Saskatchewan Provincial Court Judges Association.

He is responsible for developing an education model on Judicial Fact Finding,

which is taught and recognized in Provincial Courts across Canada and has been

published in many Canadian law journals.


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