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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Intergovernmental and Aboriginal Affairs Minister Berny Wiens is

travelling to the U.S to continue a discussion on trade issues

relevant to farmers and the economy of Saskatchewan in general. Wiens

today leads a delegation of officials to North Dakota to meet with

Lieutenant-Governor Rosemary Myrdal and senior members of the North

Dakota state administration.

The meeting parallels a March 31, 1999 trip to Montana, where Wiens

met with Lieutenant-Governor Judy Martz and senior administration

officials for agriculture and other key sectors.

"Saskatchewan farmers want us to find co-operative solutions to the

issues that divide us," Wiens said. "The kind of trade restricting

legislation that was recently proposed in North Dakota serves no one

in the long run. The strong cross border relationship that we are

building with the governor's office is the right way to make sure

farmers on both sides of the border can prosper."

Saskatchewan government officials accompanying Wiens will meet with

their North Dakota counterparts to discuss such issues as agriculture,

environment and resource management and transportation.

Wiens will raise two key agricultural trade issues with

Lieutenant-Governor Myrdal:

the need to develop on-going, high-level consultation

mechanisms between Saskatchewan and North Dakota to

facilitate the management of trade issues at an early stage

before they escalate into formal disputes and in a way that

should ensure the free flow of cross-border trade to our

mutual benefit; and,

the desirability of co-operative province-state action in

this area, such as participation of both parties in their

respective federal teams working on the recent Canada-U.S.

Record of Understanding on Agricultural Trade in order to

expedite the resolution of cross-border irritants to our

mutual advantage.

"In my view, the issues faced by American and Canadian producers

are very similar," Wiens said. "Low commodity prices,

trade-distorting subsidies and international trade barriers

threaten farmers on both sides of the border. With better

communication and co-operation, Saskatchewan and North Dakota

farmers can face these challenges together and the entire

agricultural region can benefit."

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For more information, contact:

Rob Cunningham

Intergovernmental and Aboriginal Affairs


Phone: (306) 787-8008
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