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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Donna Scott, Chief Commissioner/Director of the Saskatchewan Human

Rights Commission today announced the settlement of a human rights

complaint that paid $1,000 to a man who complained about racial

harassment at his place of residence.

Richard Hussett, a person of color, lived in a Saskatoon apartment

block owned by Francis Wallace Derbyshire and Jean Marie Derbyshire

and managed by Elaine Boszo. During the two months he lived at the

apartment, he alleged Ms. Boszo would yell racially derogatory

epithets at him. Hussett said the epithets were extremely insulting

and degrading.

Section 11 (1) of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code prohibits any

person from discriminating against any person with respect to the

terms and conditions of housing accommodation because of a person's


"Nearly one-third of the complaints we receive about rental

accommodation is based on race," Scott said. "Everyone is entitled to

fair and equal treatment when they are renting accommodation."

The Derbyshire's and Boszo agreed to the settlement without admitting


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For more information, contact:

Donna Scott

Chief Commissioner/Director

Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission

Saskatoon, Phone: (306) 933-5952
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