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Wednesday, April 01, 2015


The Saskatchewan Legislature passed amendments to The Labour Standards Act

today, providing increased job protection to new parents while they are on


Birth mothers and the primary caregivers of adopted children now have their

jobs protected for up to 52 weeks, including 18 weeks of adoption or

maternity leave and 34 weeks of parental leave. In addition, birth fathers

and the spouses of the primary caregivers are eligible for 37 weeks of job-

protected parental leave.

Labour Minister Kim Trew said the amended legislation protects the jobs of

new parents while they access the increased level of Employment Insurance

benefits recently implemented by the federal government. Eligible parents

can access up to 50 weeks of EI benefits, plus a two-week waiting period.

"The additional job protection for birth mothers or primary care-givers of

an adopted child, combined with the 37 weeks of job protection for the

birth fathers or the spouse of the primary caregiver of an adopted child,

gives parents increased flexibility. Either, or both, parents can choose

to remain at home with their new child to a combined maximum of 89 weeks

within the first year of their child's life, allowing them to more easily

balance their work and family responsibilities," Trew said.

Employees whose child was born or came into their care for the purposes of

adoption on or after December 31st, 2000, and who are currently on leave,

are covered under the amendment.

"It's well known that the first years of a child's life are critical to

their physical and psychological development. I'm pleased that

Saskatchewan parents will now have the option of spending that crucial

first year at home with their newborn or newly-adopted child," Trew said.


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