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Saturday, April 18, 2015


Energy and Mines Minister Eldon Lautermilch today announced a new, all-time

record for natural gas well drilling was set in 2000.

The 1,203 gas wells drilled broke the previous record of 1,038 gas wells set in

1999. And, while the 2,397 oil wells drilled last year did not establish a

record, the number was up a significant 72 per cent from 1999.

Total oil and gas well drilling for 2000 was 3,600, the third highest year on

record. The drilling numbers are considered preliminary and may be subject to

minor changes.

"We are predicting 2001 will be another active year for the oil and gas

industry in Saskatchewan," Lautermilch said. "This will contribute

significantly to the economy, attracting investment, creating jobs and

generating revenue for the province."

The robust drilling levels in 2000 can be attributed primarily to high oil and

gas prices.

Oil production also reached a new high last year. Although a final number for

oil production is not yet available, it appears approximately 151 million

barrels of oil were produced in 2000. That would exceed the previous oil

production record of 147.6 million barrels established in 1997.


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