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Friday, March 27, 2015


The provincial government has unveiled its plan to grow a vibrant ethanol

industry in Saskatchewan.

The Greenprint for Ethanol Production in Saskatchewan was released today by

Energy and Mines Minister Andrew Thomson. The strategy, which is the

result of extensive consultations, outlines several key actions the

government intends to take to create an environment for private sector

development of an ethanol industry in the province. These actions include:

effectively eliminating the provincial fuel tax on ethanol produced

and consumed in Saskatchewan by way of a rebate;

approving legislation to permit the mandating of ethanol-blended

gasoline to be sold in Saskatchewan;

working with the federal and provincial governments to remove

barriers on ethanol exports;

calling on the federal government to legislate a mandatory blending

of ethanol gasoline in Canada;

working with ethanol producers to encourage the establishment of

ethanol facilities in the province; and

working with wholesalers and retailers to develop a market for

ethanol-blended fuel in Saskatchewan.

"Saskatchewan has many natural advantages when it comes to producing

ethanol and we are committed to maximizing this opportunity," Thomson

said. "Our strategy will support the development of ethanol in

Saskatchewan, it will support efforts to reduce the effects of global

warming and it will support the rural economy with new value-added

opportunities for farmers."

Ethanol offers both environmental and economic benefits for the people of

Saskatchewan. Ethanol is a high-octane, water-free alcohol that is made

from the fermented sugar or converted starch found in many Saskatchewan

products including wheat, straw and wood by-products. It is a renewable

resource that burns cleaner than gasoline. When blended at ten per cent

with traditional fuels, it can reduce carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide

emissions by as much as 30 per cent.

"The development of the ethanol industry holds tremendous potential for the

growth and diversification of our rural economy," Deputy Premier and

Agriculture and Food and Rural Revitalization Minister Clay Serby

said. "The Action Committee of the Rural Economy identified the expansion

of the ethanol industry as a prime opportunity, and our strategy will focus

on maximizing the economic benefits for rural Saskatchewan and for the

province as a whole."

Thomson also noted the private sector will play a significant role in

defining what the ethanol industry will look like and how it will operate.

"Government realizes the need for the private sector to take the lead in

developing Saskatchewan's ethanol industry. Our role will be to create the

right climate for growth and provide support through tax incentives and

legislation," Thomson said.


For more information, contact:

Carey Millar

Economic and Co-operative Development


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