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Monday, March 30, 2015


Post-Secondary Education and Skills Training Minister Maynard Sonntag announced today that Louis Gardiner of Ile a la Crosse is the new

Chair of the Northlands College Board.

"We welcome the experience and knowledge Mr. Gardiner brings to the

college," Sonntag said. "Regional colleges play a vital role in

Saskatchewan's post-secondary education system and in the province's

labour market. I am confident Mr. Gardiner will build on the strength

of the current board in helping to sustain a responsive and vibrant


Mr. Gardiner is currently the Regional Co-ordinator for the Beaver

River Regional Recreation Association. He sits on numerous boards

including the Saskatchewan School Trustees Association, Northern

Branch and the Keewatin Career Development Corporation. He also chairs

the Ile a la Crosse School Division.

Sonntag also announced the appointments of Georgina Deschambault of

Cumberland House and Therese Wheeler of Creighton to the board. The

five other members on the board are Philip Bear of La Ronge,

Emile Janvier of La Loche, Harry Morin of Sandy Bay, Simone Laliberte

of Beauval, and Ross MacLeod of Buffalo Narrows. Board members are

appointed for a three-year term, and may serve two consecutive terms.

Sonntag also pointed out that the current and outgoing Board

members, including the outgoing Chair, Brian Chaboyer, deserve

recognition for their accomplishments over the past few years.

"Mr. Chaboyer and his board colleagues were instrumental in

supporting the Multi-Party Training Plan and in the recently

signed Multi-Party Training Plan II," Sonntag said. "The board

also implemented a scholarship for college students, entirely

funded from their own personal contributions. The current board,

and the outgoing members in particular, should also be commended

for the inclusive approach on regional/community planning to

identify and respond to training and education needs in the


Under The Regional Colleges Act, the board is responsible for

managing the college's affairs, for authorizing programs of

instruction and educational activities. Northlands College serves

the northern half of the province, providing a wide variety of

upgrading, job preparation, technical and university programs to

northern residents. Although Northlands is headquartered in Air

Ronge, it has a presence in many communities throughout the


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For more information, contact:

Raman Visvanathan

Director, Institutions Branch

Post-Secondary Education and Skills Training


Phone: (306) 787-5739
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