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Wednesday, March 04, 2015


Municipal Affairs, Culture and Housing Minister Carol Teichrob today

announced that May 3 - 9, 1999 is Emergency Preparedness Week in

Saskatchewan. The theme for 1999 is "Be prepared not scared".

"All levels of government - federal, provincial, municipal and

territorial - have a role to play in the area of emergency

preparedness and response, but, ultimately, emergency preparedness

starts with the individual," Teichrob said. "It is up to each

individual to learn about the emergencies that could impact and change

their lives."

To help promote "Be prepared, not scared", an Emergency Preparedness

Week poster is being widely distributed to local emergency

preparedness co-ordinators. Featuring artwork from the 1998 National

Emergency Preparedness drawing contest, the poster has many useful

emergency preparation tips.

"My congratulations to Carmene Perrault, a student at

Notre-Dame-Der-Vertus school in Zenon Park; Joella Jorstad from the

Ebenezer school; and Keith MacKenzie from the Kincaid Central School,

first, second and third place winners of the Saskatchewan drawing

contest," Teichrob said.

During Emergency Preparedness Week, activities are organized by

all Canadian provinces and territories to help people identify

local risks and raise public awareness of the importance of

planning ahead for emergencies. Knowledge and a practical plan

can help reduce fear and also aid in the recovery from an

emergency situation.

Teichrob encouraged all residents of Saskatchewan to mark

Emergency Preparedness Week by learning about how to safeguard

themselves, their families and their communities, before, during

and after a disaster strikes.

- 30 -

For more information contact:

Maureen Boyle


Municipal Affairs, Culture and Housing

Phone: (306) 787-5959
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