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Monday, March 30, 2015


Today, Saskatchewan Justice made it easier for people to pay tickets, with the official launch of an Online Fine Payment Web Site.

People can now use the Internet to pay fines for summary offence tickets issued in the province of Saskatchewan. A Summary Offence ticket is issued for any offence that you can plead guilty to, and submit a voluntary payment for, without appearing in court. Justice Minister Eric Cline demonstrated the system today at a launch in Regina.

"We are committed to evolving our systems to meet the changing needs of people," Cline said. "By offering this service, we are providing the public with a very convenient and accessible option for paying fines."

While traffic tickets will be the most common fines paid online, payments will be accepted for other summary offences as well. Offences related to The Highway Traffic Act, the sale and use of alcohol, fishing and hunting, and the use of provincial parks' facilities are all included.

In order to pay a ticket online, the person named on the ticket must first acknowledge he or she is pleading guilty to the offence charged. The person will then be asked to enter information and provide a Visa or Mastercard credit card number for payment.

Online payments will be processed within two business days of the transaction. If a fine is due in less than two business days, arrangements should be made to pay the fine in person.

Effective April 7th, the public can access the Saskatchewan Justice Online Fine Payment web site at


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