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Saturday, April 18, 2015


Deputy Premier and Crown Investments Corporation Minister

Dwain Lingenfelter today presented $22,800 worth of uncut eyeglass

lenses to Operation Eyesight Universal, for distribution in the

developing world. SGI CANADA is donating the lenses that were

salvaged from a loss in Saskatoon.

"SGI CANADA is always looking for ways to give back to the community,"

Lingenfelter said. "Having such a large supply of uncut eyeglass

lenses provided the opportunity for SGI to find a way to put these

lenses to use, rather than just dispose of them. Operation Eyesight

Universal will ensure these lenses get to the people who need them the


"Operation Eyesight Universal is a charitable organization with

headquarters in Calgary and is responsible for projects in South Asia,

Africa, the Middle East and South America, restoring eyesight to poor

people and preventing blindness in children," said Dr. Madhao Thakre,

chairperson, Regina Volunteer Committee of Operation Eyesight

Universal. "I thank SGI CANADA for the kind donation. The lenses

will help restore eyesight to people who cannot afford to purchase


The lenses were damaged when a fresh water supply ruptured at a

Saskatoon ophthalmic lab. Water sprayed over the equipment and

onto cardboard boxes full of uncut and individually packaged

eyeglass lenses.

Two inspections showed that the damage to the multi-coating on

the lenses was negligible, but the lenses could not be sold as

new product.

The Lions Club District 5-CE will cover the cost of delivering

the lenses to the Calgary office of Operation Eyesight Universal.

"Thanks to Operation Eyesight Universal, tens of thousands of

free eyeglasses have been given to people in the third world,"

Lingenfelter said. "The lenses, donated by SGI CANADA, will

continue the tradition of bringing the gift of sight to people

who would otherwise have no access to eyeglasses."


For more information contact:

Julianne Jack

SGI Communications


Phone: (306) 775-6907

Dr. Madhao Thakre

Chairperson, Regina Volunteer Committee

Operation Eyesight Universal

Phone: (306) 584-3022
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